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The third generation of Bohang soundproof generating sets has well improved in design: 1. All Bohang soundproof generator sets can be lifted by the top hook. 2. Compact structure, built-in type large horizontal silencer, the noisy is lower. 3. Advanced air flow design, instead of the traditional air inlet design from bottom to prevent dust to be absorbed into the canopy, and enlarge the air inlet and outtake area.
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Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model Structure Type Detail Data
Standby Prime Brand Model Example Figure Example Figure Example Figure Example Figure
BH-V206 165KW 150KW Brand TAD732GE - Documentation
BH-V220 176KW 160KW TAD733GE - Documentation
BH-C350 260KW 240KW Brand MTAA11-G3 - Documentation
BH-C360 280KW 256KW NTA855-G1B - Documentation
BH-C375 300KW 275KW NTA855-G2A - Documentation
BH-C412 330KW 300KW NTAA855-G7 - Documentation
BH-C450 360KW NA NTAA855-G7A - Documentation
BH-C550 440KW 400KW KTA19-G3A - Documentation
BH-C650 520KW NA KTA19-G8 - Documentation
BH-DW500 400KW 360KW Brand DP158LC - Documentation
BH-DW550 440KW 400KW P180LE - Documentation
BH-DW670 536KW 488KW P222LE - Documentation