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Swedish VOLVO engine adopts electronic fuel injection technology, with high performance and strong reliability. The gensets have advantage of good starting performance, stable voltage, reliable operation, low emissions, low noise, convenient maintenance, as well as advanced economical ability and good performance under high altitude.
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Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model Structure Type Detail Data
Standby Prime Example Figure Example Figure Example Figure Example Figure
BH-V94 75KW 68KW TAD530GE - Documentation
BH-V109 87KW 80KW TAD531GE - Documentation
BH-V165 114KW 104KW TAD532GE - Documentation
BH-V206 165KW 150KW TAD732GE - Documentation
BH-V220 176KW 160KW TAD733GE - Documentation
BH-V275 220KW 200KW TAD734GE - Documentation
BH-V358 286KW 260KW TAD941GE - Documentation
BH-V415 332KW 304KW TAD1343GE - Documentation
BH-V450 360KW 328KW TAD1344GE - Documentation
BH-V500 400KW 360kw TAD1345GE - Documentation
BH-V550 440KW 400kw TAD1641GE - Documentation
BH-V625 631KVA 570KVA TAD1642GE - Documentation
BH-V700 560KW 505kw TWD1643GE - Documentation